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Best Places

This is the parent page for pages and information about what I think are some of the best places to go in Montana. Most will be backpacking locations and I will try to add more locations and information all the time.


Sioux Charley Lake is an all time favorite I have been going to since a teenager. A relatively easy hike up a very scenic canyon with lots more lakes, miles and views farther up the trail. There is also an awesome waterfall a short hike up another trail near the trail-head well worth visiting while in the area. Great destinations for day-hikers.

Sioux Charley Lake / Woodbine Falls (Click Here)


Beartooth Pass is a highway that is so beautiful and scenic it is worth making it a destination.

Beartooth Pass


Upper Layout Creek is one of the only sources of running water year-round in the Pryor Mountains. The spring is coming out of an incredible dome-like feature nearly covered in moss that is a sight to see.

Upper Layout Creek


Elk lake is the first lake of many on “The Beaten Path” which is one of, if not the, most popular hikes in the entire Beartooth Mountain range. The short hike up to Elk Lake makes it easy to see why.

Elk Lake


A steady and somewhat steep in spots climb make this lake a little tougher to get to than some but the views are great and the fishing is amazing.

Lake Gertrude


One of my first destinations as a teenager and always worth going back to.

Slough Lake


One of the best spots there is to take a child to teach them how to fish. Teeming with small fish easy to catch.

Greenough Lake


A short trip east from Red Lodge can bring you to Upper and Lower Basin Lakes. Upper lake is scenic, peaceful and the fishing can be spectacular.

Basin Lakes


More coming soon!


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