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Slough Lake

Slough Lake, on the Phantom Creek Trail which is one of two primary routes to the highest peak in Montana – Granite Peak, is one of the first destinations I backpacked to when I was a teenager. Definitely one of my favorite spots and I am always willing to go back to that area. In fact, at the time I am writing this a fellow backpacker and I are planning on going to two lakes (Shadow and Lost) that are both pretty much just up the hill from Slough Lake in two weeks.

Slough Lake is a 2 1/2 mile hike in and it is essentially two wide spots in the creek. Below Slough Lake the creek is called Armstrong Creek and above the lake it is called Phantom Creek. No clue why.

The Phantom Creek Trail is on the road to East Rosebud Lake and is just shy of East Rosebud Lake itself.

To get to East Rosebud Lake and the trail-heads in the area (including one end of one of if not the most popular trails in Montana – “The Beaten Path” or East Rosebud Trail #15 which includes Elk Lake and many others on a 26 mile trail to the Cooke City area) simply take I-90 to Columbus and then head south on Highway 78, also known as county road 289, through Absarokee and then turn at Roscoe onto East Rosebud Road. Within a short distance there is a spot where you cross the river and just after crossing will need to take a right onto East Rosebud Lake Road.

The trail-head for Phantom Creek Trail is within about a mile of the end of the road and the end of the road is the parking lot for the trail-head of “The Beaten Path” aka the East Rosebud Trail.


Peaceful evening at Slough Lake


Peaceful spring day at Slough Lake


More coming soon.

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