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Interactive 360 Degree Video

I can’t even begin to describe how much I would like to use this technology for some footage of some of my favorite areas of Montana.

Click on the video to “grab” it and then move your mouse around to change your view. I would recommend full screen and allowing the video to fully load if needed.

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Site Changes

I am happy to report the vast majority of the major site changes are complete. There are some details here and there yet that I will be working on during the coming weeks but the essential changes to both look and functionality are in place and appear to be working well so I will be leaving them in place now.

If you do see any problems or buggyness or any issues at all (not to mention if you have any suggestions etc.) I would definitely appreciate it if you let me know. See the contact page for contact details.

The blog area is now combined with what I call the News page and that is because I am planning on adding news articles and information, mostly about Montana in general with more specific topics added later. I won’t be bringing old blog posts into this new area.

The photo gallery is something I have worked fairly hard on and I do think that has been worth the effort. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

I am planning on adding tons later so please don’t forget to check back now and then!

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Hello world!

Welcome to and Thanks Much for stopping by! I do appreciate it.

The site is under a construction and implementation of a complete re-design. I am very excited about it because I am going to be able to set the site up much better with vastly better features and I even think it is going to look cool.

It should only take a day or two to get most of the new features in place (with any luck at all) so please check back soon and let me know what you think.