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Welcome to the Photography page of the website and Thanks Much for stopping by!



This page has links to some of my photography on this site and others and I will be adding tips on photography, reviews and recommendations for cameras and accessories and photo editing software, and much more so don’t forget to check back now and then! The main Photo Gallery area for the site is at

YouTube Slideshow


Cooliris Gallery

This is some of my favorite pictures. I took pretty much all of them other than the ones of me with a fish.

“Cooney Lightning”This picture was my first (and possibly still my best) picture of lightning. The picture was instrumental in my photography hobby taking whole new directions including of course taking pictures of lightning (and not the way most people take pictures of lightning). I recommend going to to see the full story of this picture.
“Woodbine Falls”This is one of my favorite locations to go back to. You can see more pictures of this area in the photo galleries here. You can also see videos at my blog here, at my YouTube site here, my Vimeo site here, and there are also some videos on my Videography page here.
“Cooney Lightning” Flip Mino HDThis is my own design for the Flip Mino HD. These camcorders make taking HD video quick and easy. They are small enough to easily fit in a pocket and take roughly 60 minutes of HD-quality video on 4GB of internal memory. You can get more information and buy one here. I have other designs available now and will hopefully be adding more here soon.
Photo ProductsIf you are looking for a great way to make money with your photography check out this store with some of my photography turned into products such as the Flip Mino and Flip Mino HD, Calendars, Posters, Framed Prints etc.

They make it incredibly easy to make products from your photos and you can open a basic store for free (and upgrade to premium store if you want). I think it is a great way to make some extra money from my pictures. You can check it out is a great place to start for information on HD, photography and videography, and much more. The main site is under construction but you can get some digital photography secrets by visiting here now. I have an “Ultimate HD Video Guide” coming soon so don’t forget to check back!

Montana In HD Associates Store

Here is where you can find some amazing prices on a variety of products.
Coming soon:

Reviews and recomendations and links to more information and opportunities to buy cameras and accessories.

My current favorite camera is actually my camcorder. When I started shopping for a camcorder I had wanted one for some time and as a result one of the things I had my sights set on was a built in camera. My camcorder (more details about it on my Videography page) has built in 10.2 mega pixel “Still Image Recording”. What that means essentially is it has a built in camera mode where you can take pictures in full 10.2 mega pixels and you can also take a picture, which I believe is simply an individual frame, while taking videos with the caveat being they are at the same resolution as the video rather than at 10.2 mega pixels. At least I was told something along those lines when I bought the camera. But in my case I am taking videos at the full 1080i setting so when I take a picture when either in video mode or taking a video the picture ends up being 3680 x 2070 and when I take a picture while in picture mode (also on the highest setting, or 10.2 mega pixel) I end up with a picture that is 3680 x 2760. That tells me it is more a matter of the picture is going to be widescreen format when in video mode because that is the format the videos are being recorded in but not much else. It does still seem like there is a bit more clarity in my pictures when I am taking them in picture mode so I may be missing something. I plan to have some links where you can get more information on my particular variety of camcorder soon.

Reviews and recomendations and links to more information and opportunities to buy photo editing software

My favorite photo editing software actually depends on what I am going to be doing with the photo. In other words, if I am going to want to do some extensive editing I would use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI and if I just want to do a quick resize I would usually just open Gimp. I plan to have links to both and much more soon.

Tips and tricks for taking better pictures

I am holding off on adding tips and tricks for just a bit because that is one of the areas of my hd video guide that I am currently fine tuning. I plan to have some here and all in the eBook essentially. I also plan to continually expand on this section as I learn more.

Ways to make money with photography

There has never been more ways of making money with photography. The internet alone greatly expanded the possibilities. So far, my favorite ways of trying to make money with my photography are of course my web sites where I am not trying to make money with my photography as much as use my photography and videos to help add value to the site and show what I mean when giving tips and even just to look at and remenisce (I think I spelled that wrong). But my close second favorite is create products with my pictures and then have them on my shop at CafePress. You can see my shop here.

Much much more!



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