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Posted By The Success Fisherman

Site Changes

I am happy to report the vast majority of the major site changes are complete. There are some details here and there yet that I will be working on during the coming weeks but the essential changes to both look and functionality are in place and appear to be working well so I will be leaving them in place now.

If you do see any problems or buggyness or any issues at all (not to mention if you have any suggestions etc.) I would definitely appreciate it if you let me know. See the contact page for contact details.

The blog area is now combined with what I call the News page and that is because I am planning on adding news articles and information, mostly about Montana in general with more specific topics added later. I won’t be bringing old blog posts into this new area.

The photo gallery is something I have worked fairly hard on and I do think that has been worth the effort. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

I am planning on adding tons later so please don’t forget to check back now and then!